Unlock your potential with safety coaching and mentoring

What is Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching is about unlocking a person’s true potential. Face-to-face safety coaching will enable a person to raise their game through a sequenCoaching and mentoringce of careful reflective questioning techniques. It enables individuals to discover their inner strengths.

Mentoring is more a personal development relationship in which the experienced mentor helps support and guide the mentee, usually face to face, in his or her career/professional development. The mentor will assist in enhancing performance and developing safe leadership qualities, to move from where they currently are, to where they, or the organisation, needs to be.

 What are the benefits?

Many people think they don’t need help. They often think things are OK as they are, or they may not have the time in their working day to think about their development.

However, taking a few hours out of your working day on a monthly basis by working with a dependable and confidential coach or mentor means you will;

  • Be provided with one to one support, experience and motivation
  • Have the ability to bounce off ideas and initiatives
  • Become more focussed and productive
  • Be able to understand yourself better and improve your relationships with others
  • Increase your confidence in training delivery and leadership skills
  • Your strategic goals will be supported
  • Your potential will be unleashed. Coaching will enable you to be challenged in order to expand your beliefs

We are constantly bombarded today in the work environment, from many different angles; however by taking a few hours out per month with a coach or mentor can make a huge difference.

An initial consultation would involve discovering which interpersonal issues or challenges need to be resolved with an action plan for moving forward. Do get in touch with Dan to discuss how we can help.