We’re proud to have worked with hundreds of organisations and individuals, some of which are mentioned above. Below is a small selection of testimonials and comments from some of those we’ve worked with.

On Dan Terry:

“Dan and I first met in 2009 and he encouraged me to tell my story to other people. Since then he helped me immensely. I have spoken all over the UK and Europe about the effect my accident had. With Dan’s help and perseverance I would not be doing this, let alone getting an MBE. Thank you Dan.” Jason Anker MBE -Motivational Speaker

“I have attended many safety leadership courses and so called behavioural courses in the past but have found Dan Terry’s leadership course the most inspirational and motivating. I am not sure what it is, but his ways and attitudes are infectious and make you want to be a better leader by the end of the course.” Sean Brill – Group Safety Inspector (GSI), Willmott Dixon

“Dan, like an actor drawing his audience into the acting, teaches by his very presence in the teaching. His “stage-craft”, his talent for underplaying the message to ensure the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the received communication, is remarkably powerful. There is always the compassionate, intelligent humility of the true teacher about him as he propounds his quietly expressed – but nonetheless irresistible – vision of a future whose constant industrial goal is the normalisation of work-based education in a universal culture of self-leadership; a culture of constantly improving research and development of the professional standards, education and applications of Health & Safety as an unstoppable, irresistible force for human cooperation, unity and advancement.” John Mckay – Business Mentor to Dan

“Dan’s insightful and very uniquely presented course, was captivating, humorous, serious and straight to the point. Dan’s approach is unique to the people he deals with because he has the ability to convey his message to all and any social background and that is a gift. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to feedback and ask questions, something that just doesn’t usually happen.” Neil Fanneran – Interiors Europe

On the LaBS programme:

“I’m impressed. Genuinely the best training course I have ever attended. Not only did I learn a lot, I felt more positive and (unsurprisingly on reflection) more motivated.” Richard Abrams – Building Manager, Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd

“I found the course inspiring and certainly very different which is rare considering the usual health and safety courses on offer.” Richard Dale – Willmott Interiors London

“Paul Mahoney was an important part of this course. For me, Paul’s story brought it home that accidents do happen to real people and not an actor in a DVD.” William Harrow – SITA UK

On the WaBS programme:

“Paul Blanchard was amazing and his talk was very emotional. It made the course/training very real and has made me more aware of how precious life is and what we take for granted.” Vanessa Anthony – C. Spencer Limited