Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Dan’s experience in this field expands over 20 years. He works closely with organisations to coach the workforce enabling true potential to be unleashed. Face-to-face leadership coaching enables a person to raise their game through a sequence of careful reflective questioning techniques. It enables individuals to discover their inner strengths.

Leadership mentoring is more a personal development relationship in which Dan helps support and guide the mentee, face to face, in his or her career/professional development. Dan assists in enhancing performance and developing safe leadership qualities, to move from where a person or business currently is, to where they, or the organisation, needs to be.


What are the benefits?

Taking up to an hour out of your working day on a fortnightly or monthly basis to receive coaching or mentoring with Dan can make a huge difference. Your strategic goals will be supported and you’ll be challenged to expand your beliefs. You will also;

  • Be provided with one to one support, experience and motivation
  • Have the ability to bounce off ideas and initiatives
  • Become more focussed and productive
  • Be able to understand yourself better and improve your relationships with others
  • Increase your confidence in training delivery and leadership skills and amongst colleagues.

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Dan can also offer a training course to teach you the skills to coach others, enabling a coaching culture to be cascaded within your own organisation.

COACHSafe©– One or two day programme

This programme will examine how coaching plays a vital role in changing and sustaining the safety culture in an organisation, offering a clear approach into how to engage staff at a deeper level. The programme includes a follow up three months post-programme to ensure the COACHSafe© principles are being applied.

COACHSafe© workshops can include co-coaching with fellow participants, as well as skills practice during a typical two day programme.

Elements include:

  • The nature and purpose of coaching
  • Informal coaching on the job
  • The power of inquiry and listening
  • Coaching interventions around safety and health issues
  • Patterns in organisations and departments
  • Psychological theories and models
  • Coaching as a model for building trust and respect
  • Assessing the value of coaching relationships
  • Organisational ethics and considerations

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