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Are you a Manager or Leader?

Every day we are managing some aspect of our life or leading another, so sometimes there doesn’t appear to be any difference between the two. Most managers are so wrapped up in dealing with production, quality and safety that they can tend to forget about staff morale. According to Warren Bennis – in his book ‘On Becoming a […]

Do rewards really work?

Are you a carrot or a stick person? Many companies implement a reward system for all employees to work safely and report incidents, but do they actually work? Rewards and punishments are both ways of manipulating safer behaviour. According to Alfie Kohn who carried out much research on rewards explains, for example work safely and […]

Unlock your potential with safety coaching and mentoring

What is Coaching and Mentoring? Coaching is about unlocking a person’s true potential. Face-to-face safety coaching will enable a person to raise their game through a sequence of careful reflective questioning techniques. It enables individuals to discover their inner strengths. Mentoring is more a personal development relationship in which the experienced mentor helps support and guide […]