I’m Dan, a behavioural change specialist with over 20 years experience in health, safety and leadership. I’m also part of the Executive Management Team at Hastam. I’ve created health and safety leadership training and motivational cultural change programmes in order to help improve safety culture in a wide variety of organisations. I have a wealth of experience in coaching and mentoring individuals from an extensive range of business sectors and our bespoke courses cover topics for teams of multidisciplinary employees and management.

I work with several guest speakers who tell their story from the heart. Our animated delivery engages audiences and encourages interaction. This makes us truly unique.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Director of Leadership and Development

Dan Terry Health and Safety is recognised as an engaging, stimulating and passionate professional in Sustainable Active Safety Leadership (SASL) training. He has dedicated the past twenty years of his working career to training, consulting and demonstrating how managers and leaders can have a profound impact on safety culture.

Dan has an animated and intuitive style which has made him very popular in Safety Leadership training. His passion for making a difference and helping achieve a safer culture through a wide variety of organisations is evident from the moment you speak to or meet him.

In 2009 Dan wrote and published ‘How to engage, inspire and stimulate your audience in 10 invigorating steps‘, a book which has received many five star reviews.

Paul Mahoney

Guest Speaker for Leading and Working Behaving Safely Programmes

Paul worked as a Process Engineer at a Recycled Fibre Plant near Kent. In November 2000, he was involved in a serious incident involving his left arm being severed above the elbow, whilst trying to clear a blockage. The incident, which featured as part of the BBC’s 999 programme in 2002, not only had a terrible effect on Paul, it also affected his family, friends and marriage.

Paul’s story is incredibly raw and powerful. It acts as a reminder of the fundamental significance of good clear communication and procedures and practice in any organisation.

Dylan Skelhorn

Guest Speaker for Leading and Working Behaving Safely Programmes

Dylan worked as a Solid Fuel Heating Engineer for a small firm who specialised in chimney work and roofing where most of his work was at height. In 2011, he was deployed to service a chimney. While standing on the chimney stack, it collapsed and Dylan fell from 33feet, landing on a brick wall and sustaining severe multiple injuries. He broke his pelvis, ribs and punctured a lung and now uses crutches to walk due to chronic pain. Dylan takes a cocktail of drugs everyday to help control his pain and hasn’t worked since the incident.

Now aged 35, Dylan has the opportunity to tell his profoundly sad story from the heart with the aim of preventing these kinds of incidents happening to others. His story is a harsh reminder to those in the construction sector that unfortunately these incidents are still happening today.

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We are proud to support Jason Anker and his Proud to Be Safe P2bS  campaign to reduce incidents within all industries. Jason has been part of our team from the start. For more information visit – www.jasonankerlive.com